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Zoda’s Revolutionary Design Makes Recycling Copper Wire Quick, Easy and Very Profitable.

The Zoda Wire Stripper is a must have tool for electricians, contractors, heating & air conditioning installers, repairmen, and the do-it-yourself homeowner - or scrapper's.

There is a big demand for recycled copper and scrap wire can be found everywhere: in production facilities, manufacturing plants, automobile shops or even after a disaster when community clean-up efforts find scrap wire in abundance. With the high price of recycled copper, recycling plants will pay top dollar for stripped wire.

The Zoda Wire Stripper is made in the USA and comes with eight wire guides, for stripping solid & stranded wire, 16 gauge through 8 gauge, and also 10,12 and 14 gauge Romex type wire.

Stripping wire the old fashion dangerous way, taking days to get the insulation off and injuring yourself, Zoda makes recycling copper wire quick easy and very profitable!

The market for such a tool is HUGE. Not only is RECYCLING wire profitable,
it’s also helping the environment - “IT’S GREEN”. Visit Zoda Tools to find out more.

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