Wbits, Water Bottle ID Toppers

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Wbits, Water Bottle ID Toppers are flexible, multi colored bottle cap toppers that fit over the top of existing water bottle caps. Like a frog says ribit but Wbits!

One evening, after a family gathering, we found ourselves dumping 20 or 30 half-full water bottles in plants around the house, in the dogs water dish and down the drain. Our daughter, however, had ingeniously placed small stickers on her and her sisters’ water bottle caps and we discovered this worked amazingly well for identifying water bottles. From a child’s insight the idea for Wbits was born. Now we would like to share our simple yet effective idea with you! See more about Wbits on our website at www.Wbitsworld.com.

A unique product that offers unique benefits. When you and your family use Wbits, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

* Save money: Wbits help people to fully consume the water bottle they started with. No more no more wasting more bottled water than you drink!

* Makes water bottles easily identifiable: Wbits multiple colors help keep track of water bottles so they don't end up abandoned and tossed in the garbage, eventually ending up in severely overcrowded landfills.

* Safe/durable/reusable: Wbits are made of the highest quality, BPA free Food Safe silicone and are dishwasher safe and reusable over and over again!

* Help prevent the spread of germs: Wbits insures no one mistakes your water bottle for their own!

* Versatile: Wbits are great for school lunches, day cares, sports teams, on the boat, at the gym or at the office – anywhere “bottle confusion” may occur!

* Wbits help make smaller bottle caps easier to grip!

The first time you drink out of your 4 year olds water bottle that’s made a snow globe out of it from the food in their mouth, you will want this product!

Wbits, the best thing since bottled water!

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