Safe Pockets

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Hello, I have what I feel is a great idea and no way to get it to market. It is called "Safe Pockets", which is a two-fold market idea, the first is a sealed GPS unit. The GPS could be linked with a preexisting company like OnStar or ADT. the second correlating idea, a line of children's clothing and accessories that have pockets sewn in them at random locations that hold the sealed GPS unit. It works in this manner: Let's say a parent and child are at the mall and the child goes missing, the parent holds a small tracking device, which includes a compass and a transponder, looking much like a pager, and can press a panic/emergency button, it could also be used with an app on a cell phone and when the button is pushed, a call automatically goes to the monitoring company and the child is immediately being tracked at that point and the parent is called back on their device or cell phone. At that time it can be determined if the authorities need to be called in. The GPS can also be set up for a range of motion and if the child gets out of range, the company is automatically notified. The pockets would be sewn on the inside of the clothing at different points so an abductor could not just go to that area of the clothing and remove the GPS. The "Safe Pockets" clothing line would range from disposable diapers to teen clothing and accessories, such as belts and jewelry. We have our homes and vehicles protected in this way, but not our children, I am hoping you can help me bring this to reality.

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