Ring of Fire

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Ring of Fire is a new and safe way to distribute ant bait on fire ant mounds. The system employs 5" by 1" flat plastic "donuts" that are either brightly colored for safety, or grass colored green to hide in a yard. Ant bait is pre-loaded into the Ring of Fire. By removing an adhesive strip from the inside of the ring small holes are exposed. Ants enter the holes and return the bait to the mound. Because the mound perimeter is completely enclosed the ants are more likely to find the bait. The bait is never exposed, so there is no risk to children or pets. The home owner never has to measure, carry or store open bags because the Ring of Fire is disposable after the bait is used. The brightly colored version is great for families with small children or pets that would normally be at risk of fire ant bites.

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