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Portola Foundation: Volunteers creating tools for medicine since 1980. I came here looking for someone to take over 100% of this project, get my devices on the market and around the globe everywhere they are needed, creating profit to sustain the present level of growth.

Profit: Tom Bates M.D. Stanford Internist combined my work on spina bifida with my work on cerebral palsy to improve quality of life for seniors with Portola Cane. Portola Cane provides stability on stairs, escalators, on and off the buss, prevent skin tear and comforts arthritus. Seniors absorb 50 million canes, another 12 million by spina bifida, sports medicine, breast cancer, burns land mine survivors..........

Cost: A donation of $300,000 will complete technology transfer, file-ready models of each product and introduction to all clinical resources. Next, I will need William La, M.D. Ph.D. Diagnostics, Chemist, placed on retainer along with a field hardened nurse to tweak for non-language specific instructions to adapt crutches to children in remote settings. The most common remark —"I want a piece of this!" Visit Portola Foundation to find out more.

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