Peephole Cam

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Peephole Cam is a security camera that monitors the outside of your door. No matter where one lives, there is the possibility of danger lurking outside your home. The Peephole Cam was designed to provide a discreet way to monitor the entrance ways of homes, apartments, schools, college dorm rooms, business establishments and more. It is a security device that is comprised of a specially designed closed circuit video monitor to be installed on the entrance way. The design intent is to provide users with a practical device that monitors the outside of an entrance to a building. The camera lens takes the place of an exterior peep hole and can be activated via a simple motion sensor. Recorded images can be state and time stamped and stored on a removable memory device, providing residents and law enforcement with an accurate means of determining he exact moment a guest stopped by or a potential intruder attempted entry. Visit Peephole Cam to find out more.

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