Patio Bra

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People everywhere are looking to add to the existing size of their living space.
Why not expand your house to include your patio?
Provide outside area to cook, entertain, visit, and enjoy with your friends and family.
Patio Bra is the solution to that need.
Patio Bra is an encapsulated high density nylon material with a vinyl coating that goes on top of an existing trellis or pergola.
The Patio Bra provides an aesthetically pleasing cover alternative to the current hard pan or solid roof.
Our product is custom manufactured to satisfy each customer’s needs.
To provide our customers with and style and use options, we have three Patio Bra styles currently available.
Our 100% Solid, which is waterproof, our 90% Mesh, and our 70% Mesh.
Patio Bras have 70%-94% UV inhibitors built in.
Patio Bra is partnered with AIM against Melanoma.
With over 2,500 Patio Bras installed and, being enjoyed by our customers, we have a presence in Northern and Southern California, Las Vegas Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona.
With over 2.5 million trellis in California alone, we feel there is an existing market in place.
Should the question arise, we have wet stamp engineering available on our website

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