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Parsons Fertilizer (the Company), will be a Kansas company, it has the abilities for converting solid wastes into slow release fertilizer The process entails the use of concentrated chemicals to convert cellulose-based, non-toxic waste into a premium grade fertilizer.

Looking to sell 50 percent stock in a fertilizer manufacturing plant. We will be bagging 10 pound and 40 pound bags of 10-10-10, 13-13-13, 17-17-17 and potting soil. We own debt free our major machines. Processing systems can be designed to accommodate any amount of waste input. For large installations, systems are designed in modules with output capacity of 3000 tons of waste per day. The Parsons site will handle 50 tons a day up to 450 tons (Bagged in 10 and 40 pound bags and bulk).

Our product is slow-release fertilizers allow complete and continual uptake of the nutrients throughout the growing season, reduce the number of applications required and the labor cost per application which we can make cheaper then urea and ours has the top three nutrients needed for plant life. Below you will find some characteristics of our products by two leading universities which showed above average yields on turf grass, field corn and peanuts; internal tests on a variety of other crops have shown similar results.

Non-water soluble. The product is non-soluble which greatly reduces run-off and contamination of groundwater, rivers and lakes.

Hygroscopic. The product attracts moisture, making it highly effective both in arid climates and on plants susceptible to drought.

Non-toxic. The product is free of toxins and bacteria, including pathogens.

Contains sulfur. The process produces sulfur as a by-product. Sulfur is the fourth major element in plant nutrition.

Acidifier. The product can be used as an acidifier in high alkaline soils.

Low burn rate. The product, when applied to turf grass, showed a significantly lower burn rate in extreme temperatures and exposure than did other products of equal nitrogen content.

Consistency and handling. The product is granulized making it easy to handle and apply.

We have also have a deal with Parsons Industrial Authority for a site with 50,000 sq ft building with rail and utilities rent free first year for Oct 1st move in. We use recycled biodegradable waste (trash waste, tree, box, paper etc.) We have the knowledge to take up to 30000 tons a day if we had the funds needed to build such a plant. ,

State of Kansas just voted for tax abatement and now county votes this month for a ten year tax abatement, With a projected opening January 1st.

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