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Oznek comes in just soles. Flat, colorful shoe soles with Velcro. Around it with a detachable top. The shoe texture could be leather like, soft material, etc. The idea of this product is to have as many shoe designs as possible but not spend so much buying shoes that you will outgrow in no time. This idea is what every pregnant woman needs. Most of us women tend to have swollen feet when we are pregnant. I recall having to go a size higher throughout my pregnancy. I bought a lot of expensive shoes that fit my new size 9 feet when I was pregnant and just to give them all away after I had my baby. Since I went down to my pre-pregnancy size which is a size 8. But with Oznek shoe, every pregnant woman can afford to buy just a pair which of course comes with more than one top. They would have a pair of sole with three tops which would last through out the duration of pregnancy and not have to buy so many shoes that not just quickly adds up financially,but are shoes that you wish you could keep but aren't your sizes any more when your little on is born.

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