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My goal is to add a "Meal" alternative -- complete, healthy, delicious, and nutritious -- to the vending industry world wide.Delivering 4 Ready- to - eat-high quality 3.5 ounce non refrigeration 1.Candy Chicken broccoli & yam 2.Ginger Carrot & buttery Mushroom, 3. Saute Cannellini Beans & Celery 4. Fire Steamed Brussels Sprouts. Domestic markets will achieve spearheading obesity in school lunch services, elderly care, and human services. Reaching world health services and foreign crisis aid to revolutionize nutrition universally.

Developed and perfected in my kitchen in 2009 and food lab tested in 2012. A revolutionary product offering Ready to eat preservative free, low sodium, all natural whole foods. We know you want better choices now we have given you no Excuse to eat healthier. Join the “Revolution Evolution” in prepared meals. MealComplete cares about what you eat. MealComplete's Motto is "You deserve more than a potato chip". Visit MealComplete to find out more.

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