Maxine's BarBeeQue

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Nonna’s Southern Style Bar Bee Q began in 2005. It is a barbeque business, where I created my own sauce to enhance the southern style flavor. The business is independently owned. The mission is to bring Maxine’s unique flavor to your table, by making the product available to the public. The vision is to have the product available in stores, to offer the opportunity to all to experience the uniqueness of Maxine’s sauce.

Maxine’s Bar Bee Que sauce is a delectable blend of sweet and tangy ingredients created to bring out the ultimate flavor in various meats. This tomato-based sauce is pleasing to the palate. Maxine’s Bar Bee Q sauce has a hint of heat, a hint of smoke, and a lot of deep rich flavor. This great sauce will add a delightful taste to almost anything. Maxine’s BBQ sauce comes in two varieties, so that people of all ages can enjoy the savory flavor.

My cooking experiences began in my grandmother’s kitchen, at age 9. Cooking became one of my greatest passions. After moving to Arizona, I was invited to open Nonna’s Bar Bee Q business on Luke’s Air force base, where I served our soldiers and their families.

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