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I am 19 and worked hard starting up my very own catering business this summer. But in between that I had also ben making some key dishes with my own spin on them. I did an event where I needed to make a sauce to go with vegan tacos made with Cauliflower. I also had to make it vegan to match the rest of the menu. It all happened by accident but the next thing I knew I was being approached to make this sauce for a local health food store. I’ve taken my sauce to local events, sold at craft fairs and farmers markets. Also allowing anyone I can taste the sauce. Everyone loves it and finally I did the nutritional facts and bottling with labels and have a meeting to perhaps sale it a Oliver’s Market here in Nor Cal. Just need some added umph behind it! HELP marketing and getting the proper venue to sell this sauce to perhaps a Whole Foods or to other restaurants, it could have huge possibilities? The next Siracha? It’s a creamy vegan Chipolte , needs refrigeration. Maybe the Shark Tank can propel this secret sauce that’s made with love!!!

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