Junks Jerky

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Junks Jerky - "Don't Be Fooled By The Name If You Like Beef Jerky You'll Love Junks Jerky!" Our beef jerky has the taste and the brand name to compete on retail shelves across the country. We've researched the beef jerky industry for 5 years now and we're ready to make a move in a BIG WAY! We want Junks Jerky to hit retail shelves across the country and give millions of consumers a new beef jerky to consume. Junks Jerky will be mass produced in a customized USDA facility. We've been told we need to get this product on the market so here we are pushing for it. Junks Jerky hands down will win over the taste buds of consumers. The name is catchy and the taste is unlike any other beef jerky on the market. With the help of the Sharks we will make Junks Jerky a household name. We will be the next BIG THING to hit the market in the beef jerky industry. In ten years time we will be a $10 million dollar a year brand name - Junks Jerky...thank you please vote!

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