Hermetic Diagnostics

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Hermetic Diagnostics owns the U.S. patent for the only way to detect someone who is high on marijuana right now instead of earlier in the day or last week without using a blood test. The psychoactive ingredient delta nine THC is many times higher in armpit and groin sweat than it is in blood when you are high and just as important goes down two hours later. As medical marijuana normalizes marijuana use in many states and other states go to full legalization there has to be a scientific test to put marijuana on the same level as alcohol. An inexpensive test can be made using standard diagnostic technology to help police at crime scenes and traffic stops, to help employers stop discriminating against marijuana users by using a urine test that is positive for a month after marijuana use, to help parents detect immediately in their own homes whether their underage children are high right now and to help marijuana users to determine if they are safe to drive or go to work. I seek to license my patent to a diagnostic test manufacturer for a $500,000.00 annual fee plus 9.5% of all income generated as a royalty. Whoever licenses this patent will become extremely rich. Visit Hermetic Diagnostics to find out more.

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