Headliners Hardhat Sweatbands

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My idea is called Headliners Hardhat Sweatbands. The basic concept is a sweat band made of terry cloth.that wraps around the existing hard hat liner. If you've ever worn a hardhat in your lifetime you would know how uncomfortable they really are. With Headliners hardhat sweatband in your hard hat it's almost like wearing a baseball cap. Over 18 million people in the United States alone wear a hardhat everyday. With a hardhat on in hot summer months you're constantly sweating profusely. With the Headliners hardhat sweatband, the sweat no longer runs down your face and into your eyes causing burning discomfort. The sweatband velcros to itself and can easily be removed, washed, and replaced in the hardhat for numerous reuses. The sweatband is stretchy so it will fit all head sizes. Being made of terry cloth or similar materials, all colors can be used.

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