Happy Bowls

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Happy Bowls is an all-new innovative type of eatery focusing mainly on Açaí bowls and Pitaya bowls, while also offering incredible smoothies and juices. It is the first of its kind in all of the east coast and Puerto Rico. Açaí is an incredibly healthy organic berry from the Amazon of Brazil packed with antioxidants and low sugar. Pitaya is raw, organic, fiber packed fruit from Nicaragua. We are a healthier fast casual business with a unique "build your own bowl" style of operation. We have just became a franchise recognized by the US government. We have perfected the art of creating the most delicious, filling and eye opening bowls unique to each customer. Each bowl can be customized with upwards of 40 different toppings to choose from. These toppings consist of only the freshest fruit, granola, nuts, health food, and so on. Thousands of different bowl possibilities - thousands of smiles. Visit Happy Bowls to find out more.

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