Glove Caddie

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Glove Caddie is a company that solves a major problem for golfers and specifically the management of their golf glove. Glove Caddie is a clip that has a strip of Velcro on it it and it attaches to the back of the golfers belt or pant. When the golfer needs to take off the glove they can quickly attach it to the Glove Caddie that is easily accessed. The Glove Caddie would eliminate a number of issues for a golfer 1. The worry of where does the golfer put the glove when they are not using it. Options are, stuff it in my pocket or Put it in the golf bag or golf cart. 2. If you keep the glove on at all times your palm will end up sweaty and you will lose the effectively of the glove and like most players you will end up not using it until it dries. Because the Glove Caddie is attached to the back of the golfer it will assist in keeping the glove dry! (all claims are tested and proven) 3.One of the biggest reasons golfers quit wearing gloves is because they lose them. Using Glove Caddie allows golfers to focus on the game not the glove! Visit Glove Caddie to find out more.

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