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Nemat Inc. designs and manufactures "Made in USA" consumer products in California. Our newest product is Comfortvu. Comfortvu is an electronic television mounting system that moves the TV 24" forward and 35" down to the most comfortable viewing position, using an “Infrared” remote control.

Comfortvu was developed in 2010 by Joseph Lee for "over the fireplace" application and has many other applications such as; in the board rooms, restaurants, sports bars, for gaming, etc.). Nemat Inc. and Comfortvu became 50/50 partners for Comfortvu and redesigned Comfortvu in spring of 2013. Comfortvu “Model 2” was introduced in June of 2013. Comfortvu Model 2 is manufactured from aluminum; precision machined, powder coated, and has a 5-year warranty.

We have generated approximately $300,000 in revenues since Model 2 was introduced (over 100 units with a retail price of $2395). Comfortvu has a 100% customer satisfaction rating and every customer who owns one loves Comfortvu. Sales are increasing every month as consumers learn about Comfortvu.

We are selling Comfortvu on,,, and through 80 dealers in USA and Canada. We have recently signed an agreement with a distributor in Europe to distribute Comfortvu in seven European countries. Numerous articles have been written about Comfortvu in reputable publications and are available by internet search on Comfortvu.

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