Bobs Salsas With a Kick

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We make a variety of sixteen salsas. We started our company three years ago and have managed to exceed in sales yearly. when we first started I was working full time and had my children and their spouses run our store front. I decided to leave my full time job to concentrate on making our salsas a household name. I realized we had a great tasting product when one of my customers sent my salsas to a food critic without me knowing, the food critic then sent me his link to you tube and with a little e-mail telling me he has critiqued a lot of salsas but ours was the best tasting. Our salsas are fresh with some of the best peppers in the world. We make mild, medium, spicy, hot, blackberry habanero, raspberry habanero, peach habanero, strawberry habanero, very berry habanero, tropical fruit, orange honey chipotle, caliente, sizzling cherry, fire, scorpion verde and regular verde. Try us if you dare. Visit Bobs Salsas With a Kick to find out more.

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