Anoo Magic

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My company's name as well as the product name is Anoo Magic. My lines of products are wipes and on the go no bump spray. These products are intended to reduce razor bumps on the face, head and the neck. Most men that use a razor and after would use alcohol to sooth the skin would break out around the face the back of the head and also the neck. As we know that's not a pretty sight. Most men prefer a smooth face, neck and head. Especially if they're bald and use a razor daily, weekly or even every two weeks. The ingredients that are used in my products are all natural soothing agents to your skin and will not harm our skin whatsoever. I came up with this idea with my instructor while I was in cosmetology on August 23, 2017 in Irving Tx. She asked me what was my goal or what did I want to get out of this school adventure and I told her that I wanted to come up with my own anti bump line of cream, spray and foam. My instructor advised me that I should also do a wipe being that it's less messy and isn't out on the market. What a great idea! So I took it further to make this venture happen and started putting together different ingredients that would not harm our skin but enhance our skin to leave it bump free and also soothing!

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