Aframe Shelving

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The long-standing but heretofore unfulfilled need for a shelf that can be built without tools, that is strong, stable, and of attractive appearance, is now met by a new, useful, and non-obvious invention.

I am here to introduce you to Aframe Shelving. The no tools needed for assembly shelving units. They come in any size or color, and easily disassemble to a small compact object.

I thought of the idea long ago, but it wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer and experienced a very lengthy hospital stay, that I finalized my idea.
The highlights of my product are- they have many uses; such as a headboard, a TV stand, a bookcase, a display, and any use for a different shelving unit. They also have much more square footage then the traditionally sold shelving unit. You can customize your very own unit with no extra charge! Units are sold by square foot, up to 70 sq ft per double unit.

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