ABCs and All of Me

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ABCs and All of Me is an early reading program that leads ALL children happily and confidently into the world of reading. This multi-modal, systematic approach uses music, movement and auditory and visual cues to engage children in learning as they master essential early reading skills. Proven in classrooms in the US and worldwide, the program has been shown to help not only children who struggle to learn, but also children learning English as a second language. The international market for English-SPEAKING programs is big, but there are not many programs available that teach young English-language learners to READ English. The potential is huge. Parents in countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Mexico, etc., want THEIR children to learn to speak and read English. And research shows that the younger children start, the more successful they are. My program was developed with the help of over 200+ Utah Kindergarteners. You can see children around the world in action with the ABCs and All of Me on the International page of my website. On the homepage you can view the program in action in an ESL classroom here in the US. Help me take this program to the children of the world. It will help their dreams come true! Visit ABCs and All of Me to find out more.

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