Will Cate App Save Cheaters?

This past Friday’s Shark Tank season four’s second episode featured Cate App – app for cheaters or those who want privacy with for cell phones; eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato – mail order ice cream business; Alpha M Style System for Men – dress for success system for men that concluded Kevin O’Leary aka Mr Wonderful being the best dressed shark and SurfSET Fitness – workout system for those who don’t want to get wet. Here is the quick snap shot of those businesses:

The Ave Venice Kicks Your Creativity

The Ave Venice is the brain child of longtime Los Angeles native, Nick Romero. He fostered the idea from his desire to create a custom printing shop for the LA market after taking a trip to Chicago, where he visited a similar custom printing shop. After spending time creating a unique custom printing system, Romero opened The Ave Venice in early 2010.

EzVip Takes Off After Shark Tank

Who is EzVip? EzVip is an Events Company that is based in Miami. On May 18th, they featured on Shark Tank at the ABC studios. EzVip is co-owned by Mark Cuban, Al Nelson and Daymond John. They have now taken on a partnership with Pitbull, also known as Armando Perez. Not long after they launched a new company in Las Vegas and partnered with TAO, Vanity, TAO Beach, Pure, LAVO, Rain, Marquee Day and Nightclub, The Palms Pool and Bungalows, The Joint, Moon, LAX and Ghostbar.

Shark Tank Season 4 Premiere - BevBuckle and Buggy Beds Get Deals

Last night ABC started airing Shark Tank Season 4. The first episode (total of 22 episodes this year) gave an indication that this could be one of the best show’s seasons yet. With awarded Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Reality Programming viewers couldn’t have been more excited the premiere. BevBuckle - clothing and accessory company and Buggy Beds - bedbug detection system scored great deals with sharks. Below is the list of companies that pitched to the sharks during the season four premiere:

Tower Paddle Boards is Swimming With Big Sharks

"Tower is like the Dell of stand-up paddle boarding"- Mark Cuban. In the summer of 2010,Tower (surf-side retail shop) opened up in San Diego.

Theshop is only several blocks from Mission Bay which is located right in the heart of the “youth & surf” culture. Mission Bay covers over 4,000 acres making it the “largest man-made aquatic park” in the world.

The large showroom caters specifically to the growing SUP market. SUP stands for “Stand-up paddle boarding” and due to its popularity, has become one of the most popular activities on the water.

Shark Tank Season 4 Premiere Starts in Two Weeks

Shark Tank Season 4 casting team received tens of thousands of submissions from entrepreneurs from all over the country. Not every business or idea could make it to the show. Producers' job was to select the best of the best for the most interesting and exciting 22 episode season four. In the fourth-season opener that is set for Friday, September 14th, products include a ticketless coat-check system; a belt buckle that holds beverages; and a solution for bedbug infestations. Also you will see an update on an eyeglass holder from Season 3.

REMYXX Sneakers: The World’s First Recyclable Sneaker

Every year, landfills all over the world are filled up with millions of pairs of discarded shoes, but now REMYXX Sneakers are here to help! As seen on the popular show Shark Tank by creator Gary Gagnon, these trendy and environmentally friendly sneakers are the first footwear in the world that are one hundred percent recyclable. Nearly everyone wears sneakers, from toddlers to adults, and if everyone wore shoes that were recycled instead of being tossed into landfills, this would generate much less trash each year.

Dance With Me by Billy Blanks Jr: A New Craze In Fitness

Billy Blanks is a man with a relatively familiar name in the fitness world. But do not get him confused with his father. Billy Blanks has created his own unique approach to fitness in a fun and entertaining style. Dance With Me is a growing craze in fitness routine options and has the passion and the knowledge to remain a strong force on the market for years to come. The following explains more about the Dance With Me program and why it is a hit among so many individuals and groups.

What It Is

Shark Tank's Cuban - Video on Internet

In his most recent blog post Shark Tank's Mark Cuban talks about video future on the internet. For those who don't remember Mr. Cuban was video internet pioneer when back in 1999 he sold his to Yahoo for $5.7 billion. Back then and today this still remains a landmark deal marking beginning of video on internet era. Today this space is crowded with players like You Tube, Hulu and Netflix to name a few. It's kind of interesting to go back and see what Mark was thinking about video on internet future back in 1999.